The Many Types of Pizza

In only a few hundred years, pizza has evolved from a simple peasant meal to a foodstuff of infinite variety.

We've been trying to come up with some way to list the many styles of pizza -- should we divide by region (New York, Naples, Chicago, New Haven, etc?) or by topping (cheese, vegetable, pepperoni, etc?), by shape (round, square, oblong, rectangular?), by meal (breakfast pizza, dessert pizza?) or by the thickness of the crust? So many variables...

Then we realized -- There's an advantage to being passionate pizza lovers and not librarians! We can call them as we see them, and when there's variation in pizza that's significant enough, we'll list it as a 'type of pizza' and add it to this section.

So there will be regional types, stylistic types, and whatever type of pizza we find, we'll describe define it, picture it, and tell you where to find it.

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There's an organization in Naples dedicated to keeping pizza to the original recipe, insisting there is only one true pizza style. Read about Verace Pizza Napoletana here.

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There are several types of New York Pizza; Round, Square, Grandma's and more, and you can find them listed here.

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We dig into the famous Chicago Deep Dish Pizza and tell you what makes it unique.

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What can you put on the dough and still call it pizza? While specialty pizzas may not qualify as specific 'types of pizza', breakfast pizzas, dessert pizzas and other varieties certainly expand our pizza-bilities.


Calzone, Foccacia, Pizza Rustica

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