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New Park Pizza
Classic Queens Pizza Joint

slices sign

"I love the pizza here," Cary said as we carried our slices to a table in the back dining room of New Park Pizza, "and I never even knew they had a back dining room!"

New Park Pizza has been a favorite of Cary's since the mid-70s, and Lillian is a fan too (although it's Cary who begins to whimper if we have to drive right past the exit on the Belt Parkway).  

New Park Pizza is housed in a simple brick building surrounded by a parking lot on Cross Bay Boulevard, the main drag through the Howard Beach section of Queens - which, by the way, has no beach.

New Park Pizza

New Park
is a Queens pizza place. No plates of pasta, no salads, no garlic knots or buffalo wings. Just absolutely delicious New York pizza and lots of New York attitude. Yeah, you can get a soda here too.

behind the counter at New Park Pizza

There are several ovens - a couple of regular gas ovens and one they call "brick oven", and we haven't figured out yet which pizzas come out of which ovens, but Cary has suspected that coal may burn in one of them... although it's not likely.

They do make a Sicilian slice which is serviceable; nothing to write home about, but nothing to complain about either.  Their specialty, however, is the 'New York' slice, and at New Park, it is quite special.

slices at New Park

New Park
's pizzas seem to have developed a reputation for inconsistency,  but we have never had a bad slice there.  In fact, not even a mediocre slice.

The sauce is sweet but not sugary, with the bright flavor of excellent tomatoes.  There's a lot of mozzarella, maybe a little too much, but that's New York for you, and the cheese is delicious. The crust might be where the 'inconsisten' rap comes from - it has not been the same every time, or even within the same visit.  It may depend on which oven it came out of or if it's a reheat; sometimes the dough has a slight crunch to the outer layer and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes the char is evident, other times not. Still, the flavor of the dough is consistently delicious and the outer crust is tasty bread. Most people don't leave the 'bones' on their plate at New Park.

And New Park is very close to the Belt Parkway and Kennedy Airport. We suspect that many a cab driver has been asked to stop there on the way in or out of JFK.

New Park Pizza, 156-71 Cross Bay Blvd, Howard Beach, NY 11414 - (718) 641-3082



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