Pizza Restaurants in the Midwest

Pizza in the heartland

The Midwestern United States is the home of the Pizza Franchise: Pizza Hut started in Kansas, Domino's in Michigan -- the whole idea of standardized American pizza comes from the heartland. You'll be able to read about chains and franchises in an upcoming section of the site.

Here we'll tell you about the pizza we eat when we visit the middle of the country, and we'd like to hear from you too.

So far, we've visited pizza restaurants in southeast Michigan, southern Ohio and Illinois (specifically Chicago), so our personal knowledge of midwestern pizza is a little slim so far -- but we do travel and learn, and we'll bring you with us. If you'd like to see what a couple of New York pizza aficionados think about pizza in America's breadbasket, here we are!

But seriously, we eat pizza with open minds AND open mouths, so you may be surprised by what we like: for instance, there's a pizzeria in Michigan that we love, and we've learned that Chicago pizza really isn't a casserole!

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