Pizza Places in the Northeast -
Outside the NYC/LI Pizza Zone

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The Northeastern United States encompasses two great and historic pizza towns: New York City (covered in our NYC Pizzerias section) and New Haven, Connecticut. But pizza is everywhere in America, and good pizza can be found in unlikely places.

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Ah, so many pizza places, so little time! Of the nine states in this section (Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachussetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Upstate New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey), we've only had pizza in six so far! By the way, we're not afraid to admit our lack of experience -- we're dedicated and eager to learn. Bring on the pizza!

A slice from DeLorenzo's

In the state of New Jersey, we take a trip to DeLorenzo's Tomato Pies on Hudson Street in Trenton.

If you're from Jersey and you'd like to recommend one or more excellent Jersey pizza places, visit our Perfect Pizza page and tell us about it!
The Old Forge sign and Cary

When we found ourselves in Northeast Pennsylvania, we made a side-trip to "The Pizza Capital of the World." Lil even took my picture under the sign. While we're writing it up, you can read our friend Bruce's remembrances of Old Forge PA pizza.

Sam's Pizzeria, Northampton, MA

We needed some late night pizza when we were visiting Northampton, Mass., and we found Sam's Pizzeria and Cafe. They make a hundred different pizzas and keep a rotating twenty at the counter at any given time! Read more!

And we visited Wooster Street in New Haven (where even the squirrels know a good crust), and ate at three of the greatest pizza places in the U.S. - Frank Pepe's, Modern Apizza, and Sally's Apizza! WOO HOO!

grandma's slices at Cascarino's

When we visited Cascarino's Brick Oven Pizza and Ristorante in Montgomery, NY, we had no idea that they have three locations in Queens - or that they make the pizza at Citi Field - we just thought we'd gotten lucky getting a decent slice up in the boonies!

Visit DeLorenzo's on Hudson Street in Trenton, NJ!

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