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Pi Pizzeria in St. Louis - 
The President's Favorite

When we travel through unknown territory like parts of the Midwest, we usually reach a point where Cary needs pizza. Badly.  Sometimes it turns out well.

Our stop at Pi Pizzeria in St. Louis turned out well indeed.

Pi Pizzeria in St. Louis

Why Pi?

We remembered reading about Pi when President Obama was on the campaign trail, and reading that he liked their pizza a lot. We read about it again when, some time after the election, the owners were invited to the White House to make pizza for the President.  It seemed a logical place for us to stop and try the pizza - and to stop at their flaghship location, on Delmar.

There was only one possible hitch: we know that President Obama is a pizza lover, but we're New Yorkers, and he's from Chicago.  Would our tastes collide?

Our trusty GPS led us to Delmar and directly to Pi, which is just down the block from St. Louis' Regional Arts Center. Delmar is an artsy little neighborhood, so it all made sense. Especially when we saw the Pi symbol (pictured above).

What's Pi like?

It's like, 3.14, Daddy-o.  Yes, Pi has kind of a neo-beatnik feel to it, with the modern art surroundings, metal sculptures, and the goatee sported by Eugene, our waiter who probably isn't old enough to remember hippies, much less beatniks - but we digress.

inside Pi

The place serves about twenty different beers on tap. We don't drink, but we still found the list impressive.  Pi is also proud of their commitment to sustainability, "green living" and community service.  They use the green pizza box that we've read and heard about but hadn't seen before.

How's the pie at Pi Pizzeria?

First, here's the disclaimer: We're no judges of deep-dish pizza.  While we really enjoyed Lou Malnati's in the Chicago area, we haven't had enough deep-dish to critique the style.

We did ask about the deep-dish at Pi, and Eugene told us that the use a cornmeal crust, which makes a somewhat lighter pizza than the traditional Chicago style.

Fortunately for you (and us), Pi also serves a thin crust pizza.  And we're not sure our standards apply to this pizza either!

The Lincoln Park pizza at Pi

As you may know, when we try out a new pizza place, we usually get a basic dough-sauce-cheese pizza, to establish a baseline.  At Pi Pizzeria, that would have been the basis of their "Create Your Own Pi". We opted instead to order a thin crust that we knew had been ordered by the President's people.

We ordered the "Lincoln Park", a thin crust pizza topped with mozzarella, garlic olive oil, zucchini, fresh tomatoes, feta and fresh basil.  As you can see, it looked delicious.

The crust was cracker-thin and had plenty of cornmeal in the dough, which gave it an untraditional but sweetly tasty flavor.  The outer edge (too flat to be called a 'cornicione') was crunchy almost to the point of being hard, but with the taste of the dough the crunch factor worked in the pizza's favor.  Although it was wetter and less crunchy in the middle, the thin mozzarella base under the other toppings (also untraditional, but not without precedent) kept it from being soggy.

"It's different from regular pizza," said Lillian, "but I can see how people can get hooked on it."

Lillian at Pi

The generous mixture of fresh toppings blended together perfectly, there was just the right amount of cheese, and they certainly didn't skimp on the garlic-infused olive oil.  All in all, a delicious pizza in the Midwest!

Lillian noticed that we didn't even see a deep-dish pizza in the place (until right before we left). We figure it's just too much food for a workday lunch. The thin-crust was just right.

Unfortunately, we can't invite the Pi Pizzeria folks to make pizza for us, so we'll have to wait until the next time we're in St. Louis to taste their deep-dish and their other thin-crust pies!

Pi Pizzeria, 6144 Delmar Blvd, St. Lous, MO. 314-727-6633, three other locations and one pizza truck.

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