What IS a Perfect Pizza?

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As you might guess, we've visited many pizza restaurants and eaten pizza in a lot of different places, always hoping to find really incredible pizza.

'Perfect pizza' is of course a subjective idea. There's a "Pizza Cognition Theory" that deals with this. The Theory was posited by Sam Sifton of the New York Times and published in Ed Levine's excellent book Pizza: A Slice of Heaven .

pizza boy The Pizza Cognition Theory states that whatever your first slice of pizza tasted like, that's what you think good pizza is -- for the rest of your life! There's a lot to that theory, and if we run with it, I would have to say that the best pizza for me is Brooklyn neighborhood pie, Lillian's grandmother made the greatest pizza for her, and some people reading this would say that Pizza Hut or Domino's is the primo stuff. Hmm... maybe that goes a little too far...

Every pizza lover has a story. Maybe it's about your first bite; maybe your story takes place years later when you found out what really good pizza was like. It might be about an experience you had in your favorite pizzeria. What do you think of when you think of Perfect Pizza?

Please tell us your story: where you find really good pizza, and why you think it's so good!

As our visitors submit their pizza stories, we'll post many of them at:

Personal Pizza Stories

Thanks to Frank Varenchik of Clayton, CA, for telling us about a great party featuring his own backyard pizza oven! Read about it here.

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