New York Pizza - Where To Eat When There's Pizza Everywhere?

half-basil coal-fired pie at Patsy's East Harlem

There's a saying in New York City: If you're one in a million, we have eight of you. This is true not only of actors and businessmen, it's also true of pizza. But make that eight hundred - and then double it.

According to the NYC Dept. of Health, in 2007 there were 1250 restaurants with "pizza" in their names, and 394 with "pizzeria" in the name. If we ate pizza in a different restaurant every day in New York City, it would take us over 4.5 years to try them all. And we'd look like we'd eaten pizza every day for 4.5 years!

We like variety. We enjoy the purist neo-Neapolitan places, the trendy places (if the pizza's really good), and the little local places where they still make real pizza. What's real New York pizza? See our page on the New York type of pizza for more details.

While we're willing to leave most of the New York pizza reviews to the other pizza websites and blogs, when we do go into the boroughs to taste pizza, whether it's a new experience or revisiting an old favorite, we've got to tell you about it!


We went to Rocco's Pizzeria in Bay Ridge, home of the annual Brooklyn Pizza Eating Contest!

Have you been to Paulie Gee's yet? We have - in fact, Cary got to make some pizza there! Read about it here...

Totonno's in Coney Island is our favorite pizzeria on Earth (so far). What makes it so good?

Review coming soon: Why is L&B Spumoni Gardens Cary's 2nd favorite Sicilian pizza? Find out here!


We finally posted our review of Patsy's in East Harlem. Patsy's was Sinatra's pizzeria-of-choice in New York - find out what we thought of it!


What's Cary's favorite slice joint in the five boroughs? New Park Pizza in Howard Beach!

Review coming soon: Rizzo's Fine Pizza in Astoria

Review coming soon: Nick's in Forest Hills

The Bronx

Review coming soon: Louie & Ernie's in Throgs Neck

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