Making Pizza -
How, Where, When -
You Already Know Why!

Depending on whom you listen to, making pizza is fun, work, good exercise, a spiritual experience, economical, expensive, and all of the above. For us, it's something that each of us has always wanted to do.

As we learn more and more, we're discovering wonderful things about ourselves, each other, and of course pizza itself! Take this journey with us...

balls of dough

This section is about every aspect of pizzamaking - what we learn in our own kitchen, what we learn from the pizza people we know and the ones we meet. Over time, we'll share recipes, tips and tricks that help us create better pizza, and secrets that may help you in your own pizzadventures!

To create your own pizza recipe page on, click here!

homemade margherita pizza

What was it like the very first time we made a pizza? Click here to read all about it!

And the suspenseful drama of trying new flour combinations? Here's our heroic attempt!

Peter Reinhart with a ladle of sauce

We traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina for a pizza-making class with Peter Reinhart, a master breadmaker and author of American Pie: My Search for the Perfect Pizza. You can read about our experience here.

tony teaches cary to stretch the dough

In San Francisco, World Champion pizzaiolo Tony Gemignani owns Tony's Pizza Napoletana and runs the International School of Pizza.  The school offers a Home Chef course in addition to its professional certification courses, and we were on the West Coast at the time! Cary took this outstanding course, and we have the story for you here.

Another championship pizza-making class was one at The Brooklyn Kitchen, taught by Anthony Falco and Angelo Womack, two young pizza wizards from Roberta's in Brooklyn. Once again, Cary learns new skills and we tell you about it here!

In the never-ending adventure of creating pizza, we decided that homemade mozzarella might be the next thing to learn, so Cary took a class in Mozzarella Making at Murray's Cheese Shop in Greenwich Village. How'd it go? Find out here!

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