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IL FORNO MOBILE (The Mobile Oven)
Welcome to our Fire!

inside our oven
inside our oven

If you're familiar with our website,, you know how we feel about great pizza. And you probably know that we enjoy making pizza just about as much as we enjoy eating pizza.

And because we're sure you'll love the pizza we make, we're now bringing our passion and our pizza to you with IL FORNO MOBILE (The Mobile Oven). 

We bring our authentic Italian wood-fired oven, mounted on a custom-built trailer (it's the coolest thing we've ever seen too!), to locations throughout the Hudson Valley and beyond. The aroma of wood fire, fresh dough (yes, we make the dough ourselves), along with the flavors of both imported and local ingredients come with us when we come to you!

We're currently booking events for Spring/Summer 2013! Call us at 845-883-0159

Centered in the heart of the Hudson Valley, 90 minutes north of NYC, IL FORNO MOBILE creates old-world style wood-fired pizzas at fairs, festivals, farmers markets - and (perhaps) your next party!

Watch us create the pies before your eyes. Come see us and taste our wares at one of our public events - and have us over to serve your outdoor gathering. IL FORNO MOBILE has a varied and customizeable menu of favorite pizzas to delight you and your guests!

Want to know when and where we're cookin'? Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or both!

Cary dresses a pie

lil with peel

il forno at work

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