Guanciale and Garlic Confit Apizza Recipe

by Randy Johnson
(Coeur D'Alene, ID)

A recipe from our friend and obsessive pizzaiolo Randy Johnson in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho!

Start out with handmade dough--(flour, salt, ADY, spring water--bulk proofed 4 hrs, cold retarded dough balls 24 hrs),
concasse of Campari Tomatoes with sea salt--(reduced),
fresh mozz,
garlic confit, and
homemade Guanciale -almost post bake,
finish with chiffonade of basil-(post bake).

In essence, a Margherita with Guanciale and Garlic Confit...RJelli

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Thanks, Randy!
by: Cary & Lillian

Thanks Randy! Got a picture we can add to this? And how do you make the comfit?

Garlic Confit
by: Anonymous

Confit is garlic slow simmered in thyme infused olive oil for about 1 hour...Softens garlic as if you baked it...No pictures of this pizza, but others posted on line at and serious eats, my pie monday...Have a Great Day


by: annmariapeter

That was an awesome recipe and I tried this thing at home. It was an awesome experience in the kitchen. When it was finished the smell of fresh pizza made a queue in front of the kitchen.

by: Julia

Pizza is one of my favorite foods and I never miss a chance to have them. Whenever there is an offer going on in the nearby pizza restaurants, I would order one. And I even make some at home buying the base from supermarkets. This one would a new pizza experiment for me.

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