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Rocco's Pizzeria - Bay Ridge

We read an article on the Gothamist website about Rocco's Pizzeria in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and their annual pizza-eating contest. It was the day before the contest and we thought about attending. That idea lasted about three minutes - we'd never eaten at Rocco's, and a publicity stunt (even for a charitable cause) isn't enough to get us to Brooklyn. We decided instead to go immediately! If the pizza was good, that would be enough to get us there, and if it wasn't, there were plenty of other places. In Bay Ridge, there's a pizzeria on just about every block.

Slices at Rocco's

Rocco's Neapolitan (New York) pie is representative Brooklyn pizza, which is representative New York pizza, which is a pretty good thing. Yes, it's got a lot of cheese, but it's top notch mozzarella. The crust is tasty, chewy bread with the right snap and good hole structure. The sauce complements the dough and the cheese. Ours was fresh out of the oven and a little undercooked, which is common in pizza sold by the slice because the slices sold later are going back in the oven for a warm up.

The Sicilian - well, Lillian didn't find much "old world flavor" but she liked the bread. Cary just shook his head and took it as confirmation that he doesn't much care for most Sicilian pizza. He found it too bready and the oil on the bottom wasn't too flavorful. And as often happens with Sicilian pizza, the sauce may be good but it's hard to tell when the cheese sitting on it is so thick.

We tried a Grandma's slice. Garlic toast with fresh mozzarella and sauce, said Cary. Good sauce, good cheese, but the flavor of the crust reminded him of a taralle, an Italian hard pretzel, with garlic instead of black pepper. Actually, we're not sure if the garlic was in the bread, the sauce, or both -- we just know it was powerful. This wasn't the Grandma's pizza we've gotten used to on Long Island. Tasty, but be forewarned!

Lillian at Rocco's

We both agreed that the 'regular,' the cheesy New York slice, more than made up for the others. In fact, if we wanted to give someone a taste of quintessential Brooklyn pizza, Rocco's might just be the place we'd take them.

In fact, Rocco's ships their pizzas all over the country, and you can order them by visiting this link to Rocco's Brooklyn Pizza.

With the amount of cheese on a slice of Rocco's pizza, it's incredible that the winner of the 2008 contest ate 15.5 slices!

Rocco's Pizzeria - 7818 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY (718)238-7658

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