American Pie - Pizza History in the U.S.A.

American Flag Pizza

How can one country have so many different kinds of pizza?

If you want to know how pizza spread across America, how pizza went from an Italian dish loved by peasants and royalty to the true American Pie, you've come to the right place.

Statue of Liberty

Who were the first American pizzaiolos (pie men)? You'll find the answer in our New York Pizza page (we tell the story of New Haven pizza there too).

Chicago pizza

How did that huge, rich feast known as Chicago pizza get started? Just click on the link for the answer.

Golden Gate Bridge

And who started the gourmet phenomenon called California pizza? It's all on the California Pizza page.

These are the major stops pizza has made in its journey across America. American pizza is everywhere, and down the road we'll be sharing what we've learned about pizza in big and small towns and some great pizza pie in some unexpected places!


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